Amaron FR 650R


 Warranty: 12 Months Full Replacement
 Capacity: 65 AH
 Type: Flat Plate Battery


Amaron FR 650R Description

Amaron AAM-FR-0FR650RMF batteries are made in a QS 9000, ISO 14001 & TS 16949 certified plant using world class technology and stringent quality control parameters that make them last long, really long. Some of the other features that add to making the Amaron Fresh so good: longest life, patented BIC vents for enhanced safety, the highest cranking power and a completely unnecessary 12 months warranty.


 Factory charged and ready to use, Amaron Fresh car battery is equipped with reformulated Advanta paste recipe. With high cranking power and heat tolerance capacity, the batteries are perfect for cars that go through extreme weather conditions.


Model AAM-FR-0FR650R MF
Capacity 65 AH
Warranty 12 Months
Battery Layout Right Layout